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Create the ideal class schedule for your school in a quarter of the time it would take to do by hand.

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Schedule My Teachers allows you to :

  • Generate your schedule automatically
  • Avoid double-booking classrooms and teachers
  • Set preferred or unavailable time periods for teachers
  • Assign teachers to a specific room or time period
  • Customize class period lengths (great for MWF/TuTh schedules)
  • Add a forgotten item and create another schedule in minutes
  • Distribute classes evenly across the week
  • Get immediate help with step-by-step tutorials
Schedule My Teachers in 6 easy steps: Enter your Rooms, Timeslots, Courses, Sections, Teachers, and Courses. Review, and then let us do the heavy lifting!


$100/1 Year

One Year

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  • Premier customer service
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Two Years

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$200/3 Years

Three Years

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Schedule My Teachers is designed to save you time by helping you create the best school schedule for your school in the shortest amount of time. Our software not only automates the headache of scheduling, but finds your ideal schedule given your criteria and constraints. This means that you find the best schedule, not just a schedule.
While Schedule My Teachers was built specifically with K-8 schools, elementary schools, and middle schools in mind, Schedule My Teachers is useful to any school whose students are organized into groups or cohorts and have the same classmates for each class.
It depends. If you’re students are organized into groups or cohorts and have the same classmates for each class, then yes! If you’re students have different classmates for each class and need an individual schedule, then no.
No. Schedule My Teachers is a web-based software application, so downloading is not necessary. You will use your email address and a self-created password to access the software from any computer with internet access.
Your schedules are kept on our servers, so you can access them at anytime from anywhere.
Schedule My Teachers has helpful tips available at every step. The Schedule My Teachers support team is also dedicated to helping you further. Email them at if you need further assistance using the software.
Unlimited! The limit does not exist. Create as many schedules as your heart desires! Although, we understand if your heart desires to create only as many schedules as is necessary. In fact, our whole business model rests upon the assumption that most people don’t particularly enjoy the process of creating their school’s schedule. So if we are wrong, we have wasted an incredible amount of time and money figuring out how to make school scheduling as easy and as fast as humanly possible.


Schedule My Teachers is a school schedule maker designed for K-8, elementary, and middle schools. We know firsthand how time-consuming and frustrating making your school’s master class schedule can be, which is why we created Schedule My Teachers to help you schedule your teachers.

We save you time and eliminate headaches by helping you create the ideal school schedule, not just a school schedule. Having a good schedule makes for happier teachers and smarter students. So use Schedule My Teachers and we’ll help you find the perfect fit. Both you and your teachers will be glad you did.

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